Vem gifte sig med Rebbetzin Sheina?

Dovber Schneuri gifte sig med Rebbetzin Sheina .

Rebbetzin Sheina

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Dovber Schneuri

Dovber Schneuri

Beskrivning i svenska hittades inte, vi har bara en beskrivning i engelska:

Dovber Schneuri (13 November 1773 – 16 November 1827 OS) was the second Rebbe (spiritual leader) of the Chabad Lubavitch Chasidic movement. Rabbi Dovber was the first Chabad rebbe to live in the town of Lyubavichi (in present-day Belarus), the town for which this Hasidic dynasty is named. He is also known as the Mitteler Rebbe ("Middle Rebbe" in Yiddish), being the second of the first three generations of Chabad leaders.


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